Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Need More Time..............

Lots of things have changed in since my last posts. I didn't start my own online store but went back to work full time. I was offered a job to be a programmer again and best of all work virtually from home. No commuting, just working in the comfort of my own little home.

The only thing lacking is the time and energy to create. I miss it so much and trying to find a way to sneak it back in between a job, 4 kids homework(wow is this a time suck), housework, soccer practice, cooking, girl scouts, church, and just the overall time constraints of life. I know you all have the same problems.

I did get a make these amazing simple and beautiful flower pins for my children's teachers. I love them so much I have made several more.

I found the instructions here Reese Dixon's Organza Flowers. I ended up not cutting the petals she suggested but made 6-9 circles in different sizes for each flower. I love the look.

My daughter helped me make them. She was very careful not to burn her fingers but we kept a ice water bowl nearby just in case her fingers got hot. She took them to school in a basket and let each teacher pick her favorite.

I sewed felt circles with brooch pins on the back of each one so they could be worn as a brooch.

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