Saturday, May 2, 2009

We love Ducks!

The baby ducks are growing so fast. They are not even 1 month old and they are huge. They still love to be snuggled and played with.

They are almost as big as our full-grown hens. We took them out yesterday and they were so funny to watch waddle around. But poor babies were terrified of the hens.

My adorable Wyatt holding Waddle or Quackers. We have decided on names but still waiting to see if they are boys or girls.

Too cute!
This is Maeve and she is the first hen to run and see what you are up to and see if you have her a treat. She is the skinniest of the hen and we decided it is because she "works out" so much.

You know the story of the baby duck that went around to all the animals asking "are you my mother?". My oldest son picked up this duck the day we brought it home and it settled right now and would cry if he put it down. The duck has decided that Chase is it's mother. Of course Chase would die if his friends knew this.

Sorry the pictures are a little dark it was raining yesterday and we were all getting quite wet playing with ducks.

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TeriB said...

I just visited my sister last weekend, walked into the garage and found 4 baby ducks in a pen! My nieces love animals, and the 5 eyar old would own one of everything if she could. These are young, like yours in the photos, no feathers yet. 2 were black, and small, with 2 yellow ones that were double the size. Teri