Monday, May 4, 2009

Big News!!!

I have BIG NEWS!!!!

I will be launching a new website and putting up my creativity kits online again. I am so excited. I love putting together kits that let others be creative.

Here is my story and I am sure we all have a story just like this one......

Last week I wanted to make these adorable cupcake bath bombs for all the teachers at my children's school.

I read the directions and wrote down my list of supplies needed and proceeded to head to the health food store where the writer of the instructions said I could find my supplies. After wandering the aisles of the health food store and being completely overwhelmed. I had no idea what the items I needed even looked like. Finally I gave up and stood patiently waiting for a salesperson to assist me.

While waiting nearby I heard in graphic detail this poor customers problem with his foot. He was going into detail about all the "natural" remedies he had tried and was asking if the salesperson if she had any other suggestions. I was in shock that someone would go through what this poor man was going through. I would most definitely be at the doctor's office yelling for DRUGS! He is very admirable for sticking to his beliefs of natural treatments. But seriously I could have done without the gruesome details. LOL!

Finally the patient and very polite salesperson was able to give me her attention. I explained my lack of knowledge of what I needed and showing her my list of supplies. She proceeded to tell me they didn't carry this, or this, or this. But she did have one item on my list, a large bottle of witch hazel for $9.99. The instructions only said to spritz with witch hazel so I am sure I did not need this huge bottle of witch hazel. Seriously I have no idea what to do with witch hazel. She was very nice and said she would be happy to order the other items on my list.

Well being a busy person like we all are I had waited till the last minute to even think of what teacher's gift I was going to make. Teacher Appreciation day is tommorrow!!! There is no way that I would be able to get my supplies in time to make the Bath Bombs.

I could order the ingredients online but couldn't find them all on one website so would have to pay shipping from several different sites. There is probably a website that lists all the supplies but darn if I could find one.

To add to all this drama I don't even know if the measurements of the supplies listed make 1 or 20 bath bombs. Can you imagine if I ordered everything and only made 3 bath bombs??? I have 4 children and a TON of teachers to make gifts for.

My bath bombs were quickly costing a fortune. Instead another parent and I are setting up a chocolate fountain in the teacher's lounge for the teachers.

You know what would be perfect! To have a kit with all the indepth instructions both written and images (for those that like visuals like myself), supplies, tools, and only one shipping cost. And to know how many bath bombs the kit would make. I would be able to create and not have to own a huge bottle of Witch Hazel.

I love putting together kits and making sure that all of us can try new techniques but most importantly not to waste our valuable time running around town looking for those supplies and tools you need. We get to spend our very valuable time on creating!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

We love Ducks!

The baby ducks are growing so fast. They are not even 1 month old and they are huge. They still love to be snuggled and played with.

They are almost as big as our full-grown hens. We took them out yesterday and they were so funny to watch waddle around. But poor babies were terrified of the hens.

My adorable Wyatt holding Waddle or Quackers. We have decided on names but still waiting to see if they are boys or girls.

Too cute!
This is Maeve and she is the first hen to run and see what you are up to and see if you have her a treat. She is the skinniest of the hen and we decided it is because she "works out" so much.

You know the story of the baby duck that went around to all the animals asking "are you my mother?". My oldest son picked up this duck the day we brought it home and it settled right now and would cry if he put it down. The duck has decided that Chase is it's mother. Of course Chase would die if his friends knew this.

Sorry the pictures are a little dark it was raining yesterday and we were all getting quite wet playing with ducks.