Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is up with this EGG!

We have the cutest and sweetest chickens in the world. They are so tame they follow you everywhere and love to be picked up and petted. We let our chickens out during the day and they eat all the bugs in the yard.

We started with baby chicks a year ago and this year we have 9 hens laying 6-9 eggs a day. They lay ginormous eggs but this one is by far the strangest egg yet. The kids are so excited to take it to school to show their teachers.

Here is a picture of a large egg from the grocery store, then our usual eggs from our chicken, and finally our STRANGE egg.

The kids talked me into saving two baby ducks this year. The ducks were not standing on their own and so they couldn't get to the food or water and were going to die. My Noah nursed them and made sure they got food and water all day long. He saved their lives and now they are also huge.

Here is a cute picture when one of them when they are a week old.

We haven't named them yet because we don't know if they are girls or boys. And because we saved 2 ducks we had to get some cute little chicks to keep them company.

The ducks and chickens do not live in the house! Looks like they do from the picture above. They were in containers in the bathtub for 2 weeks so we could make sure they were getting their medicine and the weather was so cold here even with a heat lamp. Now they are cozy and warm out in the barn still separated from the big hens. So now we have 2 ducks and 14 chickens, a dog, and a cat. A crazy place if you ever saw one.

One of our little friends were visiting when the babies were in the tub and went on to tell his teachers that he played with baby ducks and baby chickens in the bathtub. He totally confused his teacher!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Filing Cabinet Transformation

My younger son's had this horrible dresser where the drawers kept falling apart and the handles fell off. You know the ones. I have glued, stapled, and nailed the drawers back together a zillion times and couldn't take it for a second longer.

And to make matters worse they can't get the clothes out or into the 2 top drawers because the can't reach. So you spend everyday putting their clothes away and getting their clothes out. Not my idea of self-sufficient children.

I found these at a thrift store for $5. They had 4 and I only bought 2 (I couldn't fit anymore in my car with the kids) and wish I had bought all of them.

My husband thought I was crazy when I said I wanted them for my son's dressers.

A few hours with rubber gloves and lots of steel wool and my filing cabinets were showing promise. I grabbed the spray paint and went to town.
They are a beautiful glossy blue to match their red, white, and blue bedroom. They are very heavy and sturdy. The perfect dressers for 2 boys ages 6 and 8. They love them and have them all organized with their clothes. It is so cute to see how neat they keep them.

And the best part I got reuse something old and find a new purpose for it. My favorite pasttime!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Brownie Troop is Going Green

Brownie's Showing their Spirit and Going Green!

I am the leader of my daughter's Brownie Troop at St. Joseph's School in Millbrook, New York. We have been working on our Big Community Service Project for the last 2 months and will finally see all our hard work pay off as we help reduce the amount of plastic bags that make it into our landfills.

We have collected 500 used t-shirts from family and friends to turn into recycled tote bags. We will be handing out our tote bags in front of the A&P in Lagrange on Saturday, April 25th 3-6PM. We are not charging for our tote bags and will only be accepting donations for our local food bank!

We will be helping our community cut down on their use of plastic bags and also gave 500 t-shirts a new purpose.

I am so proud of these 2nd and 3rd grade girls and their dedication to this HUGE project! They have worked so hard cutting, sewing, folding, and making signs for our event.

I will post more pictures after our event. And please stop by if you are in the area and pickup a t-shirt tote bag from us.

My daughter Chloe sewing her little heart out trying to keep up with mommy on how many tote bags she can make.

One of the many boxes of finished tote bags.