Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Chase!!!

My first child turned 14 yesterday! I cannot believe that he is growing up so fast. It is strange to have a child that is towering above you.

I made this wonderful cake I found on foodgawker. You can find the recipe here.

The cake was a huge hit with everyone. I was a little worried when the recipe was in grams and ml instead of cups and tablespoons. A little converting and I will make this recipe again and again. Everyone one wanted a second piece of cake and that never happens.

I think there are 3 pieces left from last night and a few fork marks in it this morning.

This is my crazy group. I wish I could say they are just acting but they are always like this. Goofy, goofy children.

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HCarver said...

Happy Belated Birthday Chase!! 14 years!! WOw I feel old! :) Send me that cake recipe it looks yummy! Oh and you might need to convert measurements for me, I'm not a very good cook. So I hope it is easy.