Sunday, February 1, 2009

My quest to Learn to Knit

I am working hard on my resolution to knit. It has been a little frustrating, a little daunting, and finally I think I am going to love it.

I have a few tips I have discovered for those who would love to learn to knit.

1. Don't use any fancy yarn. Plain inexpensive yarn is best when learning so when you rip it all out you don't waste your good stuff.

2. Nice big needles are best when starting out. I tried with small needles and couldn't see the stitches to tell what I was doing.

3. Use the wonderful learn to knit on YouTube. It is definitely easier to learn with a visual.

4. Pick a super simple pattern to start with. Nothing too fancy.

5. Knitting is not an inexpensive pastime. Look for coupons for your supplies.

I am still trying to figure out the best type of needles to use (aluminum, acrylic, bamboo, etc). I have decided I don't like the acrylic, they don't slide the yarn well for me. Of course it could be my stitches.

** I got my yarn at The Christmas Tree Store for $1 each. It is very loopy and definitely not the yarn to start on. I dropped a stitch and it was so hard to fix. Don't look too close at all my mistakes. The other side of loopy yarn is that it hides the mistakes a little. LOL!!!

Free Pattern Sites

Lion Brand Yarn


Ravelry some are free

I want to learn to knit those socks but definitely need to practice a whole lot more!!! I will be making alot of scarves till I get it down. I love the fluid motion of knitting when I do it right. I got lots of knitting done during the Super Bowl. Definitely worth learning.

Our Super Bowl snacks. Each year the kids pick a snack and help me make it. We have fun and make lots of messes.

Buffalo Wings

Potato Skins

We are all still stuffed from last night. I hope everyone enjoyed the game.

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