Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I am a little late posting a greeting for the New Year. Life is so busy with the kids home during the Christmas break. And then there is the issue of my hard drive crashing. I thought long and hard and decided that I was not going to succumb to the idea of getting a new laptop but to replace my hard drive for a lot less money.

I am sure many of you are doing the same thing with our current economic condition. We are all learning how to be save those pennies!!

This Christmas with all the handmade gifts my family saved over 50% from what we spent last year. I knew I would save a little money but was really shocked at the amount we saved. And I really have to say my children were so excited passing out their gifts to friends and family. The children are planning what they are making for next year already.

I can't believe it is already 2009!!

I make resolutions every year on New Year's Eve and I swear they are the same every year but I still get hopeful this year is the year I will keep them. Here are a few of them. (Do you think if I post about them I will be better this year????)

  1. Eat healthier and exercise. (same one every year)
  2. Read to my children. (I do a lot of things with my children but sitting and reading a book just never happens. I did read several books last night.)
  3. Learn to knit (My grandmother has tried to teach me forever. I can do it when she is sitting next to me but as soon as I am not with her I forget how and have never finished a knitted piece.)
  4. Organize my studio space. (same one every year)
  5. Create everyday (again a repeat every year ::::: I know I am happier when I create but never find a lot of time to do it.
  6. Learn to make cheese. (I always try to learn new things every year. This one I am good at doing.)
And many more but I won't bore you to death.

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Melanie said...

Great resolutions, Melynda! Happy New Year!!!