Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My hard drive crashed in my computer and I finally have it fixed. I have learned that I truly have an addiction to my computer. The withdrawals were BRUTAL!!!

I know I check my email about 20 times a day and it was very hard not checking my email but twice a day when I bugged my husband to let me use his laptop when he wasn't working. But I didn't realize how many other daily things I used my computer for.

I am constantly planning my dinner menu from my favorite food websites. I love them when I am short on ingredients and need to see what I can prepare with what is in the cupboards. My poor family hasn't been eating as well as they usually do. I have all my favorite recipes filed on my computer and browse them daily for ideas (I did lose all my information on my hard drive).

I have horrible hard water stains in the bathroom tub and normally after I have tried everything I look up on the internet for ideas I haven't tried. Still hardwater stains on the tub. Time to look for the perfect solution to my problem.

And then there is the daily inspiration I get from Etsy and so many other blogs. I swear I haven't done anything creative lately without my trusty computer to inspire me.

You have got to see my sad attempt at learning how to knit. I have been using youtube to learn to knit. I couldn't check out what I was doing and my poor piece is a mess. I kept it so I can laugh at it. I am still determined to learn to knit and will be checking out those youtube videos again.

So many things have fallen apart without my poor computer. I am truly lost without it!!!

I can't wait to load my pictures from my camera and start playing again.

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Melanie said...

I just got back from a week-long vacation, so I know what you're talking about. We needed to find the phone number of where we had stayed, and we had to hook the internet back up (it was shut off when we were gone) just so we could look it up. I'm glad you got your computer back!