Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to my babies!

12th Day of Christmas

My twins turned 8 today!! I cannot believe they are 8 already. It feels like yesterday they were just 2.

We had a wonderful day celebrating and playing. On their birthdays they get to pick what they want to have for dinner. Noah wanted Hot Wings (my whole house smells like hot wings) and Chloe wanted Nachos.

Then they picked their cakes. Noah picked a cheese cake, Chloe picked Brownies. So we all have ingestion. But they are very happy.

Then we bundled up for the holiday light parade in Millerton, NY. The kids rode on the wagon for the Cub Scouts. It was a whopping 19 degrees tonight. We all had on so many layer of clothes we could hardly move. They had such a great time with big chilly grins on their face.

The cub scouts are dressed as toy soldiers. They all looked so cute. The surrounding fire departments put lights all over their engines and drive in the parade also.

Happy Birthday Noah and Chloe!!!

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Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to Noah and Chloe! Too funny about the indigestion, but I think kids' stomachs are so resilient! ;-)