Thursday, December 11, 2008

Handmade Ornaments for Kids

11th Day of Christmas

Each year my children and I make lots of handmade ornaments. Sometimes daddy joins in the fun when he can sneak away from work. We started making ornaments yesterday and hope to make many more before Christmas.

I thought I would share some great places and ideas to find ornaments to make with children.

Family Fun Website (I love this site, all ideas come with instructions and pictures)

We made these snowflakes and hung them from the dining room light. Ours are quite as perfect as these ones but still adorable. Click on the image to go to the instructions.

Cinnamon Ornaments
We are doing these tonight. They make the whole house smell like cinnamon.

Santa Claus Clothspin Ornament

Better Homes and Garden always has some great ornament ideas.

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