Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I am BACK!!!!!

I was laid-off from my job last week and decided I could be bummed or look at this as something positive. This is the beginning of new doors opening for me I can just feel it!

There are many positives right now about not working and I intend to only focus on them right now.
  • My dirty laundry will be tamed. It has become a beast with a mind of its own taking over every room of the house.
  • I will find my pie and cake pans and start baking more. I have really missed baking.
  • My craft room will be organized at least for a day, then it will be cluttered with all the wonderful projects that have been lurking in my head.
  • My kiln is going to be used every week firing all my creations. My poor head hurts trying to hold them all inside.
  • My children will have all their homework done, checked, and turned in. We had a few weeks where someone was missing something.
  • Holiday gifts are going to be started and wrapped up. We hand make all our gifts to each other, friends, and teachers. I have usually started with each of the children by now. We have a meeting with hot chocolate, mom's secret holiday notebook, and discuss all their ideas and what we need to do to complete them. Every year I am so amazed at their creativity.
  • New blog look. I learned some cool graphic stuff at my job. I can't wait to apply it to my blog.
That is the beginning of my list of positives. I have many more that I will post later.

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Melanie said...

I'm sorry you were laid off, but I'm so glad to hear from you again. You sound like you have lots of great plans. Enjoy!