Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Handmade Holidays!

I am a little behind in my handmade holidays pledge but with no job to worry about I have more time then ever!! Of course that means I have no money to spend. I am looking forward to where my imagination takes me on this journey.

I may have to take a few hours off each week to stand in line at the "soup kitchen" for dinner though. Just teasing!!

While working I didn't have much time for creating with all spare time being taken up with housework, cub scouts, homework, soccer practice, and all that jazz. But in the evenings I would work on my binder of inspiration. I went through all those magazines I have been hoarding and started cutting out things that inspired me or I wanted to try. It is sitting in the middle of my craft room table right now just calling my name.

For those of you that don't have a binder of inspiration you have got to see all the amazing ideas I have run across on the internet.

First check out this site.

One Pretty Thing is a daily website dedicated to bringing you inspiring projects for a handmade life. Rachel is so good at finding the most amazing ideas. Make sure you make yourself a large cup of your favorite seasonal beverage (mine is tea with lemon right now) because you are going to be there for a loooonnnggg time looking at her site.

And after you have recovered from her site don't forget to check out Sew Mama Sew's blog for their daily handmade gift ideas. It started on November 1st and they have some great ideas all with tutorials.

I am off to work on some projects while the washing machine is going. My goal is to show post something tomorrow. If I put it in writing then I have to do it. That is the idea anyway.

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Aww, thanks so much! A cup of tea is so appropriate-I never write a Roundup without one! =)