Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving

My family loves Thanksgiving. We start talking about it the day after Halloween, discussing what we want on the menu.

We don't live near family so we invite our neighbor and anyone else who doesn't have a place to go for the holiday. I hadn't realized how important it was to my children that we invite others to our meal until this past week when they were drawing pictures of Thanksgiving. They had drawn pictures with all these extra people around our table!

Don't get me wrong...I don't have a fancy Martha Stewart table, rather, a simple table with mismatching plates, silverware, and a well-worn tablecloth. I have always wanted to do a Martha Stewart table, but with three of my children still very young I think it is more important they learn to set the table and help with the meal.

I shopped yesterday for all the fixings and we will begin our preparations today. Each of the children get to help make a part of the meal. It is so cute watching them beam with pride when their part of the meal is passed around the table. Even my 13 year is proud of himself. LOL!!

On the big day my husband's job is to keep the children who are not helping at the moment entertained (I have a very small kitchen and cannot fit more then 2 people at a time), keep the holiday music playing, and of course he is official taste tester!

Here are a few of my favorite table settings for that year when I do go all out. I love the colors and natural look to them all.

I might have to do this with the candles. I love candles on the table!

What do some of your favorite table settings look like? Post them here!

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Melanie said...

Is that your own table? Gorgeous table settings! I would love to do that one day when I don't have curious little hands around. :)