Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Handmade Holidays

We are still busily making our gifts for our Handmade Holiday pledge. I have really enjoyed seeing my children get into the spirit. They are making all the gifts for their teachers, friends, and family. I made the mistake of suggesting we give the teachers gift cards (I am in charge of selling gift cards for our school's fundraiser) and was promptly told that "WE" are making handmade gifts this year.

This weekend we are putting the finishing touches on the gifts to each other. Each of my 4 children have a written list of what they are making for their siblings. My husband and I divide up and assist where needed.

One son is making a canister of Russian Tea (the tang version) for his twin sister and his oldest brother. They both love tea and he is so excited to surprise them.

My daughter made sock doggies last year (alright I sewed she stuffed and designed) for her brothers and this year she wants to make sock monkeys. We found some socks at the dollar store and all ready to get them done.

My oldest son, Chase is making a wonderful fused glass necklace for his brother. The glass piece he designed is perfect for a boy and not very large. I am very lucky to have a kiln for those fun glass projects. Just not enough time to play! Chase is also making a charm bracelet for his sister, a leather journal for his father, and a train book for his little brother.

Chase made orange marmalade for all his teachers. The house still smells like oranges and lemons. He has to finish the handmade tags for them but I wanted to share a picture of how pretty they turned out.

I have made several lavender/flax seed eye pillows for a few of my girlfriends. They are so nice to pop in the microwave to warm them a little and then rest on your eyes. The lavender smell is amazing.

And finally what do you do when it is 10 degrees outside and there is no school!! You make an origami zoo.
I have absolutely no talent at making origami so I made 3D snowflakes. I made a few for the mantle and some hanging in my front windows. I used the beautiful white glittery Prism paper from the December SBS kit. Holler if you would like the instructions for these snowflakes.


DIANE said...

Wow, that snowflake is amazing. I definitely want the directions. I love that the kids made an oragami zoo. What fun! My boys have been begging for a snow/cold day, but have had no luck so far (thank goodness!).

~ Amy W ~ said...

Oh my!!! I'm so impressed with all of it! The jam, the beads, the sewing, the snowflake!!!!

Do post instructions on the snowflake if you've got time!

Melynda Tetpon said...

I will get my instructions together and post them tomorrow. It is really simple and they go together very quickly.

Rachael said...

Wow, how neat!! I love all the projects!!!

That snowflake is really cool!