Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Angel is 5 today!!!

My sweet angel is turning 5 today!! It seems like yesterday that he was that little baby fighting for his life. I still have nightmares about those first 3 years and a fear of what is still ahead for him.

My baby was born with hypoplastic right heart (he only has 1/2 a heart), Transposition of the Great Vessels (his aorta and pulmonary artery are switched - Wyatt's had to be rebuilt), Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum(he is missing the center of his brain that connects the two hemispheres), hydrocephlus (he has a shunt that drains off the fluid that builds up in his brain).

My angel has been through 4 open heart surgeries, 2 cardiac catherizations, and 3 brain surgeries in his short life. And we don't count the little hernia operation he had when he was 1.

Sounds like too much for one little guy to overcome. And believe me there was many times when the doctors didn't think he would pull through. I have watched too many times as doctors and God have brought my baby back. I have pleaded with God many times to give my baby just a little more strength to fight and in the same breath pleaded that he not go through anymore pain. It is most definitely not something I want any parent to ever go through.

Wyatt has fought through all the odds and amazes his doctors every day. We were told he would never walk, talk, or take care of himself. Today at 5 he is in preschool and acts like any other child in preschool. He does tire easily and cannot play as much as the other kids but his amazing bright personality keeps him active.

He smiles at everyone and loves to talk to anyone who will listen. You would not know there is anything wrong with him unless you saw his scars.

We still do not know what the future holds for Wyatt but know that whatever it is in God's hands.

Every child's birthday is a celebration of LIFE and LOVE!!!!


DIANE said...

Oh, made me start to cry!!! Big hugs for both you and Wyatt. Happy Birthday to the cutest little angel walking on this earth (and he truly is an angel).

MsGrace said...

Wow...what a precious boy. Your story of everything he has been too brought tears to my eyes. I also have a son who the doctors did not think would make it & now he will be 12 years old in March.

This is a great reminder for me to never take my children for granted.

Happy Birthday to your special Angel!

scrappermimi said...

WOW! SO strong you must all be to live through this. Enjoy your birthday big guy, you so earned it!!!!!!!!!

jadadog said...

Now, who doesn't believe in miracles? What an amazing little guy you have, happy birthday to you all!

Amy said...

And just look at that face! (I had to click on the photo and look closer - what a kid!!) Miracles do exist.

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet angel, Melynda! I'm sure part of the reason why he's thriving is because of all of the love he is surrounded with! :)

silvia said...

I read this yesterday and was left speechless. ((((HUGS))))) to your family and Birthday Wishes for Wyatt.

Trish said...

Happy Birthday to Wyatt!

I have tears in my eyes. Hugs to you guys!

Traicee said...

Oh Melynda- my heart goes out to you and your family with what you have been through, but what a miracle!!! Wyatt is 5 and doing well! Thank you for sharing your story so others who may be going through something similar may find hope.
God bless!