Monday, November 26, 2007

More Handmade Gifts

I am working hard to keep up on my handmade gift making. I have completed a several more gifts to give to family and friends.

Everyone needs a felted bracelet to wear with their favorite jeans!

This piece is the simplest I have made so far and I swear it is my favorite. I was worried that it would be to simple looking but the simplicity is what makes it perfect. Do you think my friend I made it for will mind if I wear it a couple of times before I wrap it for her????

I made this one from one of the Kazuri beads like the one in the Kazuri Bead kit. I included blue seed pearls and a Swarovski crystal.

Lastly is this adorable wool felt lamb. I found the pattern here. I also found a pattern here for a horse that I have to make for my nieces that are crazy for horses.
I still have alot more to make to keep with my pledge to make handmade gifts this season. But starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.


MsGrace said...

These are all do I get on your Christmas list???

Can you tell me how yo made teh felted bracelet...did yo buy the beads that way? I love it.

Melynda Tetpon said...

The beads are already felted from I have felted my own in the past but with time constraints these work perfect. I also did one in pinks for another person on my list.

Melanie said...

Go, Melynda!!! You amaze me with your craftiness! :)

Trish said...

Awesome Melynda!