Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Starting a new Challenge

Several years ago, I had been obsessing on trying to remember my childhood and was getting very irritated with myself because I just couldn't "picture" my childhood in my mind's eye. I felt like all my childhood memories were connected to photos I had seen or stories that I heard from others. Last month, after my sons brought home some rewards/prizes from school, I had a memory that rose to the surface of my consciousness and decided that I needed to include it in my scrapbook. I have an "All About Me" scrapbook started that includes a section on childhood memories. So over the next few months, I challenge you to travel back in time with me as we relive some of those stories from the past. Welcome to ...

The scrapbook/journaling challenge designed to help you capture the past and preserve it for the future. Every two weeks, I will be posting a specific time travel challenge on the IL2C blog. This week's challenge is to document a memory from your life when you were between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. If you would like to participate (and have an opportunity to receive a RAK), create a NEW scrapbook page or journaling entry (this can even be done as an electronic journal entry on a blog). Once you have completed the challenge, post a comment on this blog entry by midnight EST on December 10th that includes a link to your challenge entry "memory". I will be selecting one participant to receive a RAK and I will announcing the name of the recipient when I post the following challenge. Also to kick off this new challenge and celebrate Rachael's 80's themed Girl's Night Out tomorrow night, I am going to be giving away a bonus RAK to one person who completes the challenge by midnight EST tomorrow, November 28th.

I hope you will join me for a stroll down memory lane.

Monday, November 26, 2007

More Handmade Gifts

I am working hard to keep up on my handmade gift making. I have completed a several more gifts to give to family and friends.

Everyone needs a felted bracelet to wear with their favorite jeans!

This piece is the simplest I have made so far and I swear it is my favorite. I was worried that it would be to simple looking but the simplicity is what makes it perfect. Do you think my friend I made it for will mind if I wear it a couple of times before I wrap it for her????

I made this one from one of the Kazuri beads like the one in the Kazuri Bead kit. I included blue seed pearls and a Swarovski crystal.

Lastly is this adorable wool felt lamb. I found the pattern here. I also found a pattern here for a horse that I have to make for my nieces that are crazy for horses.
I still have alot more to make to keep with my pledge to make handmade gifts this season. But starting to see light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Handmade Gifts for the Holidays

My pledge to make all handmade gifts this season or buy handmade is in full-swing. I do have to cheat a little for the children that want Lego's for Christmas. I don't think they will appreciate my attempt to make Lego's!

I have completed several gifts and wanted to share a few of them.

Here is my version of a felted cobweb scarf. It is super soft and I really love how it turned out. I added zigzag stitching to make it even stronger. The person I made it for has small children and I wanted to make sure she would wear it with no worries of the kids pulling on it.

And of course I have been very busy making the Merino Wool Felted Scarf. This one is done using the Midnight wool. Some may recognize it from the instructions for the Felted Scarf kit I used this scarf for the instructional pictures..

This is a 100% wool coaster. It is backed with cork and is needle felted with embroidery. It will be a set of four for a special friend. I have a few other patterns that I will share later this month.

I have received many requests for additional Merino/Teucel Wool roving to create more scarves. I have a few available. This one is called Harvest and you can purchase it here.

This one is called midnight. Definitely my favorite next to the blues and greens that came in the kit. You can purchase it here.

This one is called Berry. My daughter is begging for a scarf made from this one. I want one for myself!! You can purchase it here.
Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving. And don't forget to Make Handmade!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

December Scrapbook Society Sneak Peek

I cannot believe it has been so long since my last post. I have been one busy lady as I am sure you all have been also.

We are shipping the amazing Merino Felted Scarf Kits today and seeing if we have any left for those that may still want one.

They are super simple to make and indeed only take one evening. But your friends and family will think you are the most talented artist they have ever met. Trust me I am telling the absolute truth. Just make sure you do not let them know how simple it was to create such an amazing scarf. You will have to be prepared for all the requests for them to make you one also. Just give me a holler if you want to make another one which I am sure you will want to do. You won't need the entire kit to make an additional scarf as you will see in the instructions. :)

The December Scrapbook Society Kit is all about Glitter, Foil, and Sparkle. Perfect for the holidays! I love the paper we chose and I am sure you will also. I am giving a tiny peek so you can fall in love with me. Can you see these papers are double-sided??? YIPPPEEEEE

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Angel is 5 today!!!

My sweet angel is turning 5 today!! It seems like yesterday that he was that little baby fighting for his life. I still have nightmares about those first 3 years and a fear of what is still ahead for him.

My baby was born with hypoplastic right heart (he only has 1/2 a heart), Transposition of the Great Vessels (his aorta and pulmonary artery are switched - Wyatt's had to be rebuilt), Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum(he is missing the center of his brain that connects the two hemispheres), hydrocephlus (he has a shunt that drains off the fluid that builds up in his brain).

My angel has been through 4 open heart surgeries, 2 cardiac catherizations, and 3 brain surgeries in his short life. And we don't count the little hernia operation he had when he was 1.

Sounds like too much for one little guy to overcome. And believe me there was many times when the doctors didn't think he would pull through. I have watched too many times as doctors and God have brought my baby back. I have pleaded with God many times to give my baby just a little more strength to fight and in the same breath pleaded that he not go through anymore pain. It is most definitely not something I want any parent to ever go through.

Wyatt has fought through all the odds and amazes his doctors every day. We were told he would never walk, talk, or take care of himself. Today at 5 he is in preschool and acts like any other child in preschool. He does tire easily and cannot play as much as the other kids but his amazing bright personality keeps him active.

He smiles at everyone and loves to talk to anyone who will listen. You would not know there is anything wrong with him unless you saw his scars.

We still do not know what the future holds for Wyatt but know that whatever it is in God's hands.

Every child's birthday is a celebration of LIFE and LOVE!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Why do I pledge to buy handmade?

Buying handmade is better for our environment, lets us connect with the producer, and lets us give a truly unique and special gift for our loved ones. In the day of child labor issues, poor working conditions, and mass produced items that leaves no room for individuality it is time we all become more aware of how our purchases have an environmental and social implications.

Buying handmade could not be easier!!

There are so many wonderful craft shows to shop from. Etsy, and many handmade artists with their own websites.

And of course you can make your own gifts which I plan to do plenty of this year. No mass produced purchase can replace the beauty of a handmade item.

Join me and Pledge to buy Handmade!