Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lavender Bath Salt Creativity Kit

We are getting ready to ship the October Creativity Kit!!! I love how it came together and it smells divine.

The kit has everything needed to make 3 small paint cans of lavender bath salts. The ingredients in the kit are all natural, perfect for that perfect warm bath. I know you are asking why 3 cans. We just wanted to make sure you had enough for yourself and enough to give to a friend or family member.


silvia said...

This is great!!! Makes me wish that I took baths.

Melynda Tetpon said...

These are salts are a wonderful way to make you want to take a bath. I have a few on hand as a gift when I need one for that special friend.

Brylle said...

This is a great idea! Although I usually do these kinds of stuff spontaneously I wouldn't mind getting one of these kits in making bath salts if its going to make it easier.