Saturday, September 1, 2007

Welcome Ana Cabrera - Our September Guest Designer

We are so excited to have Ana Cabrera (of Scrapbook Answers and now, CK Media fame) as our guest designer for the month of September. Ana has an amazing sense of style and we are thrilled that she is sharing it with us in celebration of our 4th Anniversary of the Scrapbook Society kits. She has been one busy lady lately since she has just moved from California to Utah for her new position with CK Media. Last weekend she was busy teaching at Creating Keepsake University in Nashville and after returning home she whipped up some beautiful creations with the September kit that features Daisy D's patterned papers and Earth Elements by Art Glitter. Before her busy week, we were able to interview Ana to see what makes her creative juices flow.

IL2C: Tell us a about you and your family.
Ana: I am a single mother of three lovely little divas. Sierra 9, Savannah 8, and Sedona 4. We have recently moved to Utah...though I will always be a California Girl. I am also a Mormon Filipino Republican American.

IL2C: How did you get started in scrapbooking?
Ana: haha. I started out as a wedding singer.. then a hip hop dancer.. then a professional chef.. then I ended up as a freelance graphic designer.. and then.. I landed the job for Scrapbook Answers.
BUT I have been a paper lover for ever. I have been keeping "scrapbooks" for as long as I can remember.. I started scrapping in the form we know it today back when I was pregnant with Sierra.

IL2C: What are your favorite subjects to scrap?
Ana: everyday life. My kids, my food, my home. i really like my scrapbooking to be a snapshot of my world.

IL2C: Describe your scrapping environment. Do you have any special items in your scrap space that give you inspiration?
Ana: haha... cramped. My scrap space is generally a wall in a shared space. Most recently.. my bedroom. (since that's the only magic going on in there!) But what inspires me... is my collection of vintage rhinestones and fabrics. Even though I don't really scrap in a vintage style.. these items are so rich. So full of a life of their own. I just know that these pieces have a story.

IL2C: What are your 3 favorite products to use when scrapbooking?
Ana: chipboard... plain brown chipboard. i love the way it looks and feels.

rhinestones...but they have to be vintage glass or crystal. I have used plastic.. but.. it doesn't
have the same bling.

Clear overlays... i can not get enough of the clear stuff. it just begs to be played with. I wanted to be rubbed on, painted, stitched...

Our members love to try new techniques, what techniques do you love to use in your artwork?
Ana: machine sewing and painting. there is something so primal about adding a splash of paint to a layout. and what I love about machine sewing is its unpredictability. I admit, it is only unpredictable because I don't sew that great... but I am always happy with the results.

IL2C: You have been involved in the publishing side of the scrapbooking business, previously with Scrapbook Answers and now with CK Media, what advice can you give those scrappers who want to be published?
Ana: Ah... so you want to be published. :) I am sure that there are more educated answers than the one I am going to give you... but here it is.
Love what you do. IF you scrap only for the sake of trying to get published... you wont. The reason... the best pages, the most engaging layouts are the ones that have an intangible quality about them. I think that the quality is the love behind it. It may be the love of the creative process, love of the subjects...whatever. And honestly.. that is what this craft is all about. Now, I do understand the desire to be published.. so in a more practical bit of advice. Watch for the calls. AND do your own thing. Editors are always looking for something fresh.. not necessarily totally new... but fresh. And that comes with finding your own style.. your own way of doing things.


Scrapbook Princess said...

Great interview! I can't wait to see more of your work:)

Amy said...

I LOVE the Interview! Welcome Ana to IL2C, and welcome to Utah! From a once and former California girl, myself.


Michael said...

WTF... since when do people intro themselves with their political affiliation???