Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Art of Kanzashi

I fell in love with Kanzashi a few years ago and can't stop playing with it. Kanzashi is the Japanese art of making traditional hair ornaments. They were used for formal occasions. The beautiful and intricate flowers were made with silks and rice paste.

I am definitely not a silk kind of girl and afraid of what exactly rice paste is made of. So I use my lovely hot glue gun or fabric glue and my fabric scraps. I love to adorn handmade journals with my little flowers. And my daughter loves the barrettes I make for her hair. We have them in every possible color to match all her favorite outfits.

I have created a wonderful downloadable instruction book and added to our Creativity Workshops.

The Creativity Workshops are a great place to download some interesting and fun instructional books to try something new. They are only $5 and worth every penny.

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Rachael said...

These are SO cool!!!