Friday, April 27, 2007

Cybercraft Weekend

Our cyber crafting weekend starts tonight at 6PM EST. If you have never been to a cyber craft then now is your chance to check it out.

A cyber craft is like going to your favorite Crafting event with all the chatting, creating, games, challenges, PRIZES, and loads of inspiration only over the Internet. Have you felt overwhelmed trying to figure out what to take to your crafting event and end up taking everything and the kitchen sink? Can't get a babysitter? The time doesn't work with your schedule?

A cyber craft is perfect since there is nothing to pack and you have all your tools and supplies with you. No babysitters to hire. You can logon at anytime and get started. To make it even more perfect invite a few friends over and create together.

Starting tonight at 6PM EST you will find challenges to tackle. You will have until midnight the next night to finish the challenge and load it to our gallery. The Design Team and myself are around all weekend if you have any questions. Each evening at 6PM EST another set of challenges and projects to start on.

Can't tackle all the challenges and projects this weekend? Save them and do them another time.

You are going to find plenty of Mother's Day gift projects to create. A great time to get it all done in plenty of time for Mother's Day.

Go to our Community Board to get your supply list and all the details.

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